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Discover Downtown Durham, Dining and Shopping

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Downtown Durham is an open and diversed community of residents, merchants, artist, private & public sector employees and downtown partrons and visitors. Without your support, our city core would not be enjoying the revitalization seen over the past few years.


Let us help you discover Downtown Durham

durham map imageWith the metamorphosis downtown Durham is experiencing you need a central repository to keep up with what and where everything is. Downtown Durham Merchants Association invites you to come downtown and discover all that we have to offer.


Durham DMA

What is the Durham Downtown Merchants Association?

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Radar or Rooftop

A few days ago, a conversation about downtown Durham broke out on one of the email list I subscribe to. One school of thought seemed to be that Durham's core should stay 'sort of under the radar' and continue growing organically with the entrepreneurial spirit that's brought Durham to the point it's at now. Seems another school of thought should be to


Open a business in downtown Durham

Congratulations on your decision to locate your business in downtown Durham. Here are a few tips and navigation aids.

Finding a physical location - Visit the online Marketplace

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What in downtown Durham do you like most?

Restaurants - 67.3%
Bars - 3.6%
Specialty Shops - 5.5%
Outdoor Public Spaces - 14.5%
Something Else - 9.1%

Total votes: 55
The voting for this poll has ended
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